Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lego Pokemon post

This here is Kyurem a legendary Pokemon known from the Pokemon D.S/D.S.i/3.D.S and all types of X.L, i made him especially for a short Pokemon movie that later on i might make a link to.
look under for another Pokemon named Darkrai.

This is another legendary Pokemon but from Sinnjo, it's name Darkrai and also in the film i was talking about, i on purposely made the sides with different pieces.

Really Crazy Thing...

This is a picture that i drew in NewZealand when i was 9. It was completely random and inspiration from the difference of man-made and environmental objects/life. I do Manga drawing lessens after school once a week and i have never studied something as random, silly and crazy so... i'd call it a piece of art.